5/25/12 Fantastic Friday

Fantastic Friday-I believe I can fly, so today I am acting on that belief.


I have always been a believer in the impossible. When my teenie bopper was three she told me she wanted to build a time machine and travel through space and time. I told her I believed she could and asked her for a shopping list. Recently she asked me if I remembered that exchange. I told her I did and still believed she could build that time machine. 


When we are children, most of us have dreams. There are things we would like to do when we grow up. There are places we want to see. Then, we grow up. As grown up responsibilities hit us. Some times they hit us hard and we forget about our dreams and live in the here and now, trying to survive reality. It’s sad actually. I don’t want to do that. I have dreams, things I still want to accomplish. 


Now, I am a grown woman with grown up responsibilities. So, I have adult dreams. The good thing about being an adult with dreams is that you have some knowledge, experience and the wherewithal to make the dreams come true. I shall not discuss my dreams here, but today I acknowledge them, enjoy them and am taking the steps toward making them happen. I believe I can fly, so watch me while I float above.


Sometimes it is fantastic to have a dream and to move forward to ward making the dream come true.


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