6/4/12 Magnificent Monday-Motivation and Where to Find It

Magnificent Monday- Motivation and Where to Find It

Magnificent Monday- this is a great day to figure out where to get motivation to tackle the to do list. Like many women, my to do list is LONG and each day it gets longer. There are the things I need to do, the things I have to do and the things I want to do. Creating the to do list is easy, life does that. Prioritizing the to do list is easy, a little brain power makes that possible. For me the hard part about getting through the to do list is finding the motivation to get through the list.
I am blessed because I have four children who remember everything I say and then use it against me. I taught my four year old twin daughters to be strong, proud of themselves and to keep going no matter how hard things get because they will succeed if they try. One of my favorite things to say to them is, “Chick up, you can do anything.”  Now, when I claim I am tired, or don’t feel like doing things I am supposed to do, my girls will say, “Chick up mom, you are a Davis woman, chick up.” 
My search for motivation to do the right thing often starts and stops with my children. I want them to think I am a good mother, that I care for them, that they are important to me. I want my children to see me as a role model, as someone to emulate. So, I have to get things done. I have to pick up the to do list and work my way through it item by item. I have to suck it up and chick up and do my job. I love having live in motivation and inspiration. Many of us have inspiration and motivation right under our noses. The trick seems to be to see it and use it.
So the question is on this Magnificent Monday, where will you find motivation? 

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