Terrific Tuesday – The Season for Taming the To Do List

Terrific Tuesday – it is terrific to know that there is a season for everything including taming your to do list.

Everyone has heard the Bible saying, “for everything there is a season.” That saying holds true for your to do list. Perhaps it is true that everything on your to do list needs to be done. But, everything does not have to be done NOW. For each item on your to do list, there is a time. If not, you should find a time. Look at the following to do list example:

8/2/12  9 am laundry 
8/2/12  1 am shopping
8/2/12  7 pm find a sponsor

8/3/12  10  am staff meeting
8/3/12    2  pm work on sales project
8/3/12    4  pm create task force for marketing                           

When you look at the to do list above, you see that the things to be done are clearly listed. What makes the to do list special is the fact that each item has a time. By giving each item a time, you know when you should be doing each item. Time has been set aside for each item. For example on August
2, 2012, laundry is scheduled for 9 am and there is nothing else on the to do list until 1:00 am. This gives the person sufficient time to get all the laundry done before the 1:00 shopping trip.  Likewise on August  3, she has scheduled time at 2:00 to work on the sales project. She has noted she also has to create a task force for marketing so she gave herself a deadline. There are two hours allotted for the sales project this means she will have time to work on the marketing task force before the end of the day.

By setting aside a set amount of time for each item on the to do list, you are able to make sure that you have time to do everything you want to do. At the same time, you are able to manage your time and will probably feel better at the end of the day because you made a realistic to do list and were able to stick with it. When scheduling items on the to do list, make sure you give sufficient time to each item. If an item you want to do takes one hour on the average day, give it at least an hour on your to do list. Also make sure to schedule a break between items on the list so that you have time to take a breath between tasks.

There is a season for everything on your to do list, so take time and put everything in its season, in its place. So the question for you this Terrific Tuesday is, how are you going to using the seasons to tame your to do list?


Magnificent Monday – Have A Party for No Reason

Magnificent Monday – it is magnificent to have a party for no apparent reason.

 I really like writing my Magnificent Monday posts. I like starting the week celebrating and looking for magnificence. There is something incredible about a magnificent day. It just makes you say “Mmmmmmmm good!” Today I am suggesting you make the day magnificent by having a party for no reason at all.


  • You and those in your home circle or workplace. 


  • There are some occasions that beg for a party. Take for example; birthdays, New Year’s Even, wedding anniversaries and the like. This Magnificent Monday I say, let’s have a party for no reason at all. Make a party and have fun, just for the fun of it. 

  • Today, this Magnificent Monday. After all, as the expression goes, there is no time like the present.


  •  It is fun. Imagine the faces of your husband and children when you declare, hey today is a party day.They will all be thrilled and a regular run of the mill Monday will turn into a fun, happy and exciting time for the entire family. It will be a great memory that will last for many years to come.  Your co-workers will be surprised at your generosity and thank you for bringing a sweet treat into their lives. It is something that will be talked about around the water cooler for months to come. 
Kool and the Gang “Celebration”
  • I am not talking about spending a bunch on decorations and catering. I am talking about making a fun dinner for the family on the good dishes, getting a pretty cake from the market and saying “Hey family, let’s just have a little fun tonight.” For those without a spouse and kids, show up at work with the same supermarket cake and sharing it with your co-workers.

A party is a time and place to celebrate and be happy. So today I am going to party for no reason at all. So the question for you this Magnificent Monday is what are you going to celebrate?


Serene Sunday – Secrets of Serenity

Serene Sunday – if you find something that gives you serenity and comfort, do it, and share your secret!

As you know from looking at the banner at the top right of this blog page, I am a wife and mother of four. Serene, quiet and peaceful moments are few and far between. So when I find something that makes serenity possible I latch onto it and hold tight.

When trying to create serene spaces, you really must look at things with your actual family dynamic in mind. At my house for example, my children’s favorite word is “Mom.” No matter where I go in the house I will hear them. So once per week, I head out to my local Starbucks for 2 hours. I get a tall brewed coffee, with my gold card I get unlimited refills. So for $1.75 I am out of the house for 2 hours working on whatever I want in peace and child free comfort.

Once in a while, I don’t want to leave the house for some reason. On those occasions, I enlist my husband as a helper. I let him know I am going out on the porch, aka my sanctuary, and that I want to be left alone for two hours. He is great and he will keep the children lassoed, under control and reasonably quiet for the two hours of “Sanctuary Time.” That is all I have on serenity and serene places. I would like to learn more secrets, so if you have any, please share. So, the question for you this Serene Sunday is, what do you do to find serenity?

Sensational Saturday – Celebrating the Sensational in a Friend

Sensational Saturday –  it is a great day to celebrate something sensational in a friend.

Friends are incredible gifts. Some friends we meet as children and we grow up and old together. Other friends we come to know as adults. Throughout our lives there are friends who come and go. Today we are only going to talk about friends who are here and deserve to have one of their wonderful qualities celebrated.

Whodini “Friends”

One of my best friends I met in college.Today I am going to celebrate her perseverance. Over the course of the past two years she has lost a job, gotten job, gotten married, filed for divorce and taken over the care of an ill parent. She has had some things happen to her that would have crippled or debilitated a weak person, bit she is still standing. She is still  moving onward. I choose to celebrate her perseverance because I don’t think she know she has  such strength. I admire her ability to keep moving, to keep living and to keep hoping things will get better in the end.

I think we should celebrate the special things in our friends. I am not talking about the typical, “she is cute,” or “she has a good fashion sense.” I am talking about celebrating things that are unique, special, and maybe even subtle. I think we should thank our friends for being our friends.

Theme Song From The Golden Girls
“Thank You for Being a Friend”

Look over the roster of people in your inner circle. Pick one of them and let her know something about her you find worthy of celebration. So the question for you this Sensational Saturday is, how are you going to celebrate the sensational in a friend?

Fantastic Friday – Dream a Big Dream

Fantastic Friday – it is fantastic to dream a big dream.

I like the real world in which I live. I am a wife, a mother of four, an entrepreneur, and a writer. I have what is by all traditional measures, a nice life. That does not mean I cannot dream big dreams. In my live I have been blessed to accomplish many things.  I have truly been blessed and for that I am grateful. Guess what, I still have dreams. I have big gorgeous, technicolor, loud and exciting dreams.  There are dreams I have for myself, my husband, my children and my friends. 

Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams”

I dream the impossible dream and to paraphrase Jesse Jackson, if my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it I can achieve it. Dreams are wonderful dreams. Some dreams are fantasies, pretty pictures that will never take place. Other dreams are the basis of wonderful events in the real world. Most of all, dreams are like snowflakes, numerous, delicate and unique.

A special thing to know about dreams is  that you must learn to recognize if your dream is a fantasy, just enjoyment for a time, or if your dream is something you are going to work to achieve.You have heard the expression, “One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.” It is like that with dreams. It does not make sense to compare your dreams to someone else’s. Your dream is for you, it is not as mystical and incredible to anyone in the world as it is to you. So, don’t get upset if people cannot see the beauty ad wonder of your dreams. As long as you see it, other people do not matter. 

So the question for you this Fantastic Friday is what big dream are you dreaming?

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