Fantastic Friday – Dream a Big Dream

Fantastic Friday – it is fantastic to dream a big dream.

I like the real world in which I live. I am a wife, a mother of four, an entrepreneur, and a writer. I have what is by all traditional measures, a nice life. That does not mean I cannot dream big dreams. In my live I have been blessed to accomplish many things.  I have truly been blessed and for that I am grateful. Guess what, I still have dreams. I have big gorgeous, technicolor, loud and exciting dreams.  There are dreams I have for myself, my husband, my children and my friends. 

Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams”

I dream the impossible dream and to paraphrase Jesse Jackson, if my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it I can achieve it. Dreams are wonderful dreams. Some dreams are fantasies, pretty pictures that will never take place. Other dreams are the basis of wonderful events in the real world. Most of all, dreams are like snowflakes, numerous, delicate and unique.

A special thing to know about dreams is  that you must learn to recognize if your dream is a fantasy, just enjoyment for a time, or if your dream is something you are going to work to achieve.You have heard the expression, “One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.” It is like that with dreams. It does not make sense to compare your dreams to someone else’s. Your dream is for you, it is not as mystical and incredible to anyone in the world as it is to you. So, don’t get upset if people cannot see the beauty ad wonder of your dreams. As long as you see it, other people do not matter. 

So the question for you this Fantastic Friday is what big dream are you dreaming?


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