Sensational Saturday – Celebrating the Sensational in a Friend

Sensational Saturday –  it is a great day to celebrate something sensational in a friend.

Friends are incredible gifts. Some friends we meet as children and we grow up and old together. Other friends we come to know as adults. Throughout our lives there are friends who come and go. Today we are only going to talk about friends who are here and deserve to have one of their wonderful qualities celebrated.

Whodini “Friends”

One of my best friends I met in college.Today I am going to celebrate her perseverance. Over the course of the past two years she has lost a job, gotten job, gotten married, filed for divorce and taken over the care of an ill parent. She has had some things happen to her that would have crippled or debilitated a weak person, bit she is still standing. She is still  moving onward. I choose to celebrate her perseverance because I don’t think she know she has  such strength. I admire her ability to keep moving, to keep living and to keep hoping things will get better in the end.

I think we should celebrate the special things in our friends. I am not talking about the typical, “she is cute,” or “she has a good fashion sense.” I am talking about celebrating things that are unique, special, and maybe even subtle. I think we should thank our friends for being our friends.

Theme Song From The Golden Girls
“Thank You for Being a Friend”

Look over the roster of people in your inner circle. Pick one of them and let her know something about her you find worthy of celebration. So the question for you this Sensational Saturday is, how are you going to celebrate the sensational in a friend?


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