Serene Sunday – Secrets of Serenity

Serene Sunday – if you find something that gives you serenity and comfort, do it, and share your secret!

As you know from looking at the banner at the top right of this blog page, I am a wife and mother of four. Serene, quiet and peaceful moments are few and far between. So when I find something that makes serenity possible I latch onto it and hold tight.

When trying to create serene spaces, you really must look at things with your actual family dynamic in mind. At my house for example, my children’s favorite word is “Mom.” No matter where I go in the house I will hear them. So once per week, I head out to my local Starbucks for 2 hours. I get a tall brewed coffee, with my gold card I get unlimited refills. So for $1.75 I am out of the house for 2 hours working on whatever I want in peace and child free comfort.

Once in a while, I don’t want to leave the house for some reason. On those occasions, I enlist my husband as a helper. I let him know I am going out on the porch, aka my sanctuary, and that I want to be left alone for two hours. He is great and he will keep the children lassoed, under control and reasonably quiet for the two hours of “Sanctuary Time.” That is all I have on serenity and serene places. I would like to learn more secrets, so if you have any, please share. So, the question for you this Serene Sunday is, what do you do to find serenity?


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