Terrific Tuesday – The Season for Taming the To Do List

Terrific Tuesday – it is terrific to know that there is a season for everything including taming your to do list.

Everyone has heard the Bible saying, “for everything there is a season.” That saying holds true for your to do list. Perhaps it is true that everything on your to do list needs to be done. But, everything does not have to be done NOW. For each item on your to do list, there is a time. If not, you should find a time. Look at the following to do list example:

8/2/12  9 am laundry 
8/2/12  1 am shopping
8/2/12  7 pm find a sponsor

8/3/12  10  am staff meeting
8/3/12    2  pm work on sales project
8/3/12    4  pm create task force for marketing                           

When you look at the to do list above, you see that the things to be done are clearly listed. What makes the to do list special is the fact that each item has a time. By giving each item a time, you know when you should be doing each item. Time has been set aside for each item. For example on August
2, 2012, laundry is scheduled for 9 am and there is nothing else on the to do list until 1:00 am. This gives the person sufficient time to get all the laundry done before the 1:00 shopping trip.  Likewise on August  3, she has scheduled time at 2:00 to work on the sales project. She has noted she also has to create a task force for marketing so she gave herself a deadline. There are two hours allotted for the sales project this means she will have time to work on the marketing task force before the end of the day.

By setting aside a set amount of time for each item on the to do list, you are able to make sure that you have time to do everything you want to do. At the same time, you are able to manage your time and will probably feel better at the end of the day because you made a realistic to do list and were able to stick with it. When scheduling items on the to do list, make sure you give sufficient time to each item. If an item you want to do takes one hour on the average day, give it at least an hour on your to do list. Also make sure to schedule a break between items on the list so that you have time to take a breath between tasks.

There is a season for everything on your to do list, so take time and put everything in its season, in its place. So the question for you this Terrific Tuesday is, how are you going to using the seasons to tame your to do list?


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