Thrilling Thursday – Business Plan is Done, Now Follow It

Thrilling Thursday – it is thrilling to work the plan you have created.


Each Thrilling Thursday for the past five weeks, this space has been dedicated to creating a business plan. The posts business plan creation from start to finish.  have covered the purpose statementexecutive summary and business informationpersonnel and organization,  marketing informationcurrent financial information and financial projections. This Thrilling Thursday and each of the others in December will be dedicated to what should be done once the business plan has been completed.  We will look at the following areas:


  • start following the plan
  • what to do when the plan needs adjusting
  • where to look for help when carrying out your plan


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This Thrilling Thursday, we are looking at the idea that once the business plan is complete, you must start following the plan. It is often the case that people gather information in order to make decisions. Then they gather more information and more information and more information. After that is done, they gather still more information. All that information gathering keeps the person from having to actually do something with the information gathered. The actually doing something is perhaps one of the most crucial steps in the business planning process.


Once your business plan is done, it is important for you to read it, review it, get familiar with it and then put it down and start doing what the plan says do.  If your plan says you will be in the office from 9 am to 5 pm. You need to be at the office and working before the clock strikes nine. If you plan says you will be getting your supplies from Kansas, then you must get on the phone with the supplier in Kansas and start placing orders and making arrangements for delivery.


It is important for you to understand your business plan is not the end of the line. Instead, the business plan is the start of the line. The business plan is the first step on the road to profitability and success. Always look at the business plan as a tool, something you use to get a job done. When you plan to build a house you do not look at a hammer as the end of the line. Instead, you look at the hammer as a tool, something that will help get the job done. That is how you should look at your business plan. So, the question for you this Thrilling Thursday is how are you going to work your business plan?







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