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Technology Can Set You Free – Write Your Plans and Carry Them With You

It is terrific to know technology can set you free, so write down your plans and carry them with you. It is hard work developing a plan of action, to create a plan for how you will operate your business or your life. Creating a plan, especially if it is a SMART plan requires a lot of time, patience and attention to details. After going through all the work to create a plan and to get all the details just right, many plans still do not get accomplished. One reason for that is because once the planner creates the plan, she leaves it on her desk looking nice and neat. There are many uses that can be made from a created plan, but sitting on a desk looking cute, is not a good use for a well thought out plan.

Once upon a time, all our planning and organizing took place in cute paper day planners. I owned one and enjoyed the process of writing down my plans and moving my appointments and to-do list from one page to another. I received a great deal of satisfaction from looking at pages full of plans and completed items. As technology advanced and computer technology allowed for smaller and more portable devices I moved with technology and began using PDAs, then tablets and Smartphones.Instead of leaving your well thought out plan on your desk once it is finished, carry it around with you so that you can do something with it. If you leave your plans at home on your desk, when you think of an idea that makes your plan better or want to discuss it with a colleague you are forced to go from memory. Or worse than that, if your plan is on paper and on your desk, when you collaborate or add to it, you must add another piece of paper to your collection. On the other hand, if you have your plan stored electronically on your tablet or Smartphone, it is with you and you can amend, adjust and collaborate about the plan without concern for information being lost in translation or missing pieces of paper.Most entrepreneurs have tablets and Smartphones. These devices make it possible to carry around a significant amount of data. One of the pieces of data that should be carried around on your tablet and Smartphone is your business plan, personal plan and all other important plans. There are a myriad of reasons why your plans should be carried with you including the following the fact that carrying the plan will give you the ability to:
  • Work on plan no matter where you are
  • Amend the plan as needed
  • Review the plan on a regular basis
  • Share the plan with others
  • Collaborate with team members
So, if you have a plan you are working on or want to complete, take the time to make it electronic and add it to your tablet or Smartphone. Keep your plan with you to keep it flexible, available and usable.
073013 take technology and plan with you
In conclusion, it is terrific to know technology can set you free so write down your plans and carry them with you. So, the question for you this terrific day is, are you carrying your plans with you where they can do some good, or are you letting them sit on your desk?

Take Action Now to Be Independent – Find The Inspiration You Need

It is magnificent to take action now to be independent and find the inspiration you need to succeed. Whether they realize it or not, most people want to succeed. Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. In order to succeed, you must take action. If you want to succeed now, you must take action now. If you want to succeed in the future you must take action now. In other words, the key to success is to take action and take it now. Perhaps that is the very reason that people do not succeed, they never get around to the action taking. There are many reasons people fail to take action. One of the most common reasons people to not take action now is because they lack inspiration.

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do something. Inspiration is the thing that makes people  go from thinking about moving to actually moving. It is inspiration that will cause you to take action now. Inspiration can be thought of as the secret to success. If you are in a situation where you need to take action and you cannot find a way to get moving and take the action you know you know you need to take, it is time to find inspiration. Finding inspiration is not always easy, and it is not a one size fits all type of thing. What inspires me, may not inspire you and what inspires me, may not inspire my next door neighbor. For example, I am inspired in part by the following:
  • Ability to claim I always put forth my best efforts
  • Desire to make my husband smile
  • Need to be a good example for my children
  • Responsibilities as a role model
  • Duty to my friends to  honor obligations.
These things are special inspirational tools for me and don’t matter to you at all. The thing for you to do is go and find your own sources of inspiration. What makes you get up and go? What is it that causes you to do things when you feel lazy and don’t want to get out of bed? Once you figure out what it takes to get you up and going, you have found your inspiration. Remember those things that inspire you and use them to  help push you along when you just don’t feel like taking action now, but really need to take action now. It is important to remember that only by taking action now, can you maintain your independence and succeed.
072913 get inspiration to tan
 In conclusion, it  is magnificent to take action now to be independent and find the inspiration you need to succeed. So, the question for you this magnificent  day is, what inspires you to take action now?

Take Action Now To Be Independent – Don’t Let Others Control Your Destiny

It is magnificent to take action now to be independent rather than letting others control your destiny. When a person takes action now, she does what needs to be done and does it now. A woman who takes action now has moved past hoping, talking and planning. She has moved to the doing and she is a powerful force who can make a difference in her world and the world at large. Independence is the state of being independent. When a person is independent,  she is free from outside control and does not have to depend upon the authority of another. When a person becomes an adult, part of being a responsible, independent person is to take action now for one’s self, rather than waiting for other to take action. By taking action now, a person asserts her independence and begins the process of controlling her own destiny.


Each person knows or should know what it takes to make her happy, to reach her goals and succeed in her life. Once a person knows these things, if she wants to achieve them, she must take action now and move toward her own happiness, goals and successes. By understanding where one wants to go and then actually starting the journey to get there, one is more likely to reach the targets set, and get desired outcomes. Think about it this way, if you want to go from the front of your house to the back of your house, if you get up to the front door and start walking towards the back of the house, you are more likely to get there than if you sit on the couch and listen to your husband and children discuss how to move forward. The secret to success and independence is to take action, and move according to your own plan.

The alternative is to sit back and wait for someone else to take the lead. Imagine what life is like if instead of striving to take action now and be independent, you wait for someone else to develop a plan for your life and let that person decide where you will go and how you will get there. For example, let’s say you need to go to the market because you are out of milk and bread and you need to go to the post office to ship off packages. If you are letting someone else control your destiny, you may not get to the market today. Instead, you may be taken clothes shopping or to window shop for furniture. While those are both good things to do and things you want to do, that is not the best plan for you. After all, this plan created by someone else means that at the end of the day, you will return home with no milk and bread for your family and those packages will still be waiting to be shipped out. Thus, at the end of the day, the most important things for you  and your family have not been done and you are not successful.

072213 tan be independent and in control


Imagine if instead, you took action now and controlled your own destiny. A few things would be different at the end of the day your family would have milk and bread. As a result, you would be better prepared to care for your family and you will have met their basic needs. This is a clear example of why you must take action now, be independent and control your own destiny. In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now to be independent rather than letting others control your destiny. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, what are you going to do today to control your destiny?

Home and Work Are Independent – Work at Work

It is fantastic to know that work and home are independent entities, so do your work at work. Work, also know as employment, is commonly defined as the state of having paid work, one’s trade or profession. Work is a serious activity. Employers who are paying people to work, expect them to work. While it is typical for employees to spend a little work time goofing off or doing personal things, both these activities are frowned on my most employers. When the goofing off at work or spending time on personal things1 goes too far, a person can find herself unemployed.

There are several things about work that are common no matter what type of work is being done:

  • Specific tasks that must be done
  • Time limits exist for getting jobs completed 
  • It is expected that work will be done
If you are interested in remaining employed, whether at a traditional work place, as an entrepreneur, or in a business operated from home, you must go to work and actually work. While people have been goofing off at work since the beginning of time, technology and the internet have made it easier to goof off at work. After all  with social media being so easily accessible, via tablets and Smartphones, people are increasingly spending their work time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like. In addition, the fact that almost every person on the planet owns a cellular phone makes it easier for employees to make personal calls during work hours. While this is beneficial for employees, it makes life difficult for their employers.
There are a few good habits that will help you to be a better employee, remain gainfully employed and have a less stressful work environment:
  • Go to work with a plan to work
  • Except for emergency situations, leave the personal calls for lunch breaks
  • Stay off personal social networks during work hours
  • Schedule personal tasks for lunch hours, work breaks and days off
  • Have a good attitude about being expected to work
If you want to remain employed, it is important for you to realize that work, employment and a job may not always be fun, but it must be done and should be done well, to the best of your abilities. Even if you are a person who works at home, figure out what work is for you and do it.  It is also important to realize that all play and no work, may make you broke!
071913 work at work
In conclusion, it is fantastic to know that work and home are independent entities, so do your work at work. So, the question for you this fantastic day is, do you actually at work?

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