Want Big Things – Start Now – 52 Weeks Savings Challenge

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You can find serenity in realizing that big dreams can come from small starts like the 52 Week Saving Plan. The beginning of the new year is always a time for big plans, big dreams and big talk. Unfortunately, after a few weeks those big dreams are often forgotten and looked back at with regret and disappointment. One big reason for this disappointment is that people do not really understand that big things can start with small steps.

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Instead of a Word of the Year I Choose a Phrase – Something Inside

My phrase for the new year is "something inside" because that is where I find the strength, courage and motivation to act.

It is wonderful to find a word of the year that will motivate you to kick things in gear and do all you need to do to achieve your goals. I am not selecting a word of the year for the new year. Instead, I have embraced a phrase, an idea and even have a theme song to go with it. In the past, I selected a theme song for my business. When I start my work day, I play the song and know it is time to sit at my desk, sip my coffee and work. For the new year, I have selected the phrase, “something inside.” This is the phrase that will guide me over the course of the next year.

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Super Hero – You Can Do the Work Life Balance

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It is fantastic to realize that when it comes to work life balance you can succeed by being your own super hero. When my oldest daughter was a little girl she watched a movie from the Cheetah Girls with words to a song something similar to this:

I don’t want to be like Cinderella

Sitting alone in a dark dusty cellar

Waiting for somebody

To come and rescue me

I’d rather rescue myself

When I think about all working women do to run businesses, work jobs, manage families and find time for themselves, I am reminded of this song. Almost every day there are articles in blogs, newspapers, magazines and conversations on television about the struggle to balance work and life. After years of research on this topic, I have come to realize there is no quick fix, there is no one size fits all solution.

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5 Things You Can Learn About Yourself From a Job Search

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It is wonderful to stop and take time to see what you have learned about yourself during a job search. Each day there are thousands of people all over the country conducting a job search. These searches take place online, in person and via traditional classified advertisements. Most people look at the job search process as a way of asking for things and hoping for results. While that is one way of looking at the job search, it is not the only way. You can also look at the job search as a way of learning important things about yourself.

The following is a list of five things you can learn about yourself from the job search:

1. How you handle stress
2. Who you are as a person, as a professional

3. What skills you have that are valuable in the open market

4. When you are at your best, most sparkling

5. Where is your area of geographic comfort for work and home

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3 Reasons to Accept Compliments and 5 Ways to Start

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It is thrilling to know that it is possible to accept compliments with dignity and grace. Recently, over the course of two days I gave four different entrepreneurs compliments about how they were operating their businesses and great ideas they had for business ventures. Each of these women failed to accept the compliment. Instead, to a woman, each downplayed her accomplishment or pointed out ways things could be better. This made me sad. These were wonderful, accomplished, successful women who deserved the compliments I gave them. Each one behaved as if she did not deserve the compliments and kind words.

Here are five reasons failing to accept compliments with dignity and grace is a bad thing:

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